Cristiano Ronaldo new shoes nike mercurial Sl

January 4, 2008

The product brief for the Nike Super Light (SL) was to create a football boot with no design or financial limitations. Taking money, time and manufacturing considerations out of the equation, Nike set about producing the lightest, fastest football boot possible.

The Nike SL weighs only 190 grams and is made almost entirely of carbon fibre. Something which, until this point, had never been done before. The Nike SL is being marketed as the football boot brand’s most lightweight, most highly responsive yet flexible and strong football boot to date. A football boot featuring only what’s needed without giving up any performance.
Initially designed in the style of a concept car: to lead innovation, to drive new ideas, to push the boundaries in design and engineering, the development process for the Nike SL took 3 years, spanning four continents.
The Nike SL has been specifically designed to cater for the fastest football players, and as such will be primarily sported by Chelsea’s Didier Drogba and Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. As a limited edition football boot, it is likely to become one of the most sought after football boots on the market. Only 2000 pairs of the Nike SL have been produced and each pair will set you back a cool 400 euros.




  1. Are you sure these are the SL http://www.footy-boots.com/nike-mercurial-sl/ and not the Mercurial Vapor IV http://www.footy-boots.com/nike-mercurial-vapor-4/?


    • cristiano ronaldo new soccerboot are the best becous when i wear i fell like a star and score mor goals.if it cames to who wins the best soccerboot it will be cristiano ronaldo

  3. cristiano i luv u 4 life please dont eva leave man u 4 real madrid. we r wel better than real and evry1 here luvs u pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont eva leave i luv u til i die paige xxxxxxx


    • real is better man u so CR7 is now with us real madrid please dont leave real we need you ronaldo because you have Di Maria,Özil Higuain,benzema,kaka,casillas and all the other players.

  4. never leave united plz they will not be the same tea with out u

  5. lionel messi is better than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. messi is better than you

  7. my homegirl said whats up with you and her!!!!!!!

  8. cristiano please come to barca!!!!!!!!!! We could use you!!!

  9. cristanos the best there is right now
    way better than messi

  10. wow… 400 euros. lol. 190 grams is lighter than a mobile phone. if man u sell him they will beat the transfer record by 100 million pounds so thats impossible

  11. cristiano da me as tuas chuteiras

  12. that was fuckin crap! my mother could do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  13. nice boots man

  14. cristiano ur boots are smart as fuck i can’t wait till they come out in the shops 😉

  15. dnt listen 2 all they people that say messi is better than u u are the best in the world the now untill i make it as a pro footballer haha 🙂 😉

  16. when will ur boots be out in the shop cause i need 2 get them i have every boots u have :)so i just need 2 get them and i will be up 2 date haha

  17. when will ur boots be out in the shops cause i need 2 ghet them i have most of ur boots so i need 2 get them lol :);)

  18. Man. your the best ever. What team u walk to I bee whit you 🙂 Ur my idol And If u leave United. take care my friend 🙂

  19. New shoes, finally a hat trick. what a way to endorse! go Roney

  20. the best *boots* ever and the best to wear them

  21. i cant wait to buy them man

  22. the best boot ever and the best man ever to wear them*** YOU ARE THE BEST RONNY!!!!


  24. i really love u ronaldo and i think u should move from man u try something different. you if fit as fuck. u is the finest man in the world love you loads sds.xxxx;)(L)

  25. Go rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! what a HATRICK

  26. best of the best cristiano ronaldo….. man u for life

  27. with simple language u are best .ur boot is describe ur best

  28. i love u and ur boots i will buy them as soona as they come out u r me god i love ya i want ur boots!!

  29. u r the best dont go to real madrid u r the best player round i got a pair of yellow boots wayne rooney had i want urs now u r me god i luv u till i die

  30. boots bit gay?

  31. how come boots are so deer

  32. hey cris! whats up? i dont know what to say, you are simply the best…you are a god!, its my dream to play one day with you, best wishes!! P.S: LOVE YOUR NEW BOOTS

    • hey CR7 i hope you and your team real madrid will take the champions league and you have the best coach ever

  33. yo cristiano u kno u gotta sling man a free pair ov ur boots

  34. your boots are sweet. i love nike but im a die hard chelsea fan!! sry (three peat is coming up boys)

  35. i have these boots their rubbish dont buy them.cristiano your rubbish im better

  36. i have a small penis.william green scunthorp its 1 inch

  37. youre my idol and youre better than messi

  38. your cool but ronaldhino is better than u

  39. Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Footbller In The World And Lionel Messi Is The Crap Player In The World Ronaldo is Better Than Ronaldinho,Messi,Lampard,Gerrard,Kaka

  40. happy b.day cr7

  41. you a the best player of the world

  42. and a happy birthday cristiano

  43. YOu look like a dumb ass with those shoes………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  44. Cristiano your new boot’s its for cool I will buy the same one they are the coolest boots in the world and they also fit to the coolest and best player in the world and its you Cristiano. Do never leave Manchester United we need you, with out you Man. U. will never be the same

  45. Cristiano soU seU fã,, naum perco um jogo do manchester unite, por sua causa virei torcedor deles sou brasileiro e pra mim vc joga muito mais que o KAKA,,rsrsrs

    TEM dias que chego a sonhar com vc que estamos jogando um bolinha etC….. Concerteza um dia isso vai acontecer se DEUS quizer…

    Abraço do fundo dos sonhos,e BOA SORTE pq esse ano vc vai ser o MELHOR DO MUNDO. meu ÍDOLO!

  46. who is that stupid and thinks that messi is better than cristiano ronaldo? fuck messi and the whole barcelona-team. all these talks about the fantastic four. real madrid is better, much better (7:0 against Valladolid). and if cristiano will ever leave ManU, he’ll join real madrid. i’ll be damned if he goes to barca.

  47. i just baught them in orange there mint hahah

  48. cristiano ronaldo is propa class ah support arsenal but he iz jus class n av got da new mercurials !!!!

  49. Ronaldo is overated and his freekicks are rubbish.Elano’s freekicks are better.


  50. i want to start off by saying that im am a die hard fan of you and i would do anything to meet u and take a pic with you and a signed t shirt with your name and number on it .the day when i meet you will be like a dream come true.i hope i dont faint when i meet you.you are the best player in the world and keep up the good job in man united.try to score 35-40 goals thhis season

  51. i am going to buy them as soon as this summer when i will go to england.they are the best shoes.only the best shoes are worn by best players just like you ronaldo. Mr maestro .i love your style and i always try to copy your hair style

  52. i try to copy your whole style

  53. you is soooooooooooooooooooooo fit and i love your boots love you sooooooooooooooo much

  54. heya everyone calls me lil ronaldo i fink you is well buff ting love you everyone else are just gay im the best dats rite i went der lol love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch i wish i cud meet you your my hero everyone says i play just like you

  55. i love u c ronaldo u are a star

  56. I’M krenar i’m from kosova

  57. you will be better off with real madrid

  58. I love footbool Cristiano Ronaldo
    you have beautiful footbol
    I have fiftins years
    I playnng Footbool in Botafogo Rib. Preto SP

    Felipe Gomes

  59. cristiano you are my favourite player .i love your new shoes

  60. i have 220 photos of you

  61. i play 4 nottingham forest academy and i hav ronaldos carbon fibre boots and i can run proppa fast in them ronaldo is the best player around and will be well remebered in england

  62. I play like you because you are the sickest player in the world by the way i am a girl fan

  63. Move to real mardid it a good team or ac millan or barq you might meet robinho ronaldo (brazil) or join barq you meet ronaldinho fuck manU


  65. […] Cristian Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo new shoes nike mercurial Sl […]

  66. […] Cristiano Ronaldo new shoes nike mercurial Sl […]

  67. para mi eres el mejor jugador del mundo

  68. The puma v1.06 i fg are only 6.8 oz and the 190 grams is 6.7 oz so y would you pay 400 euros when those pumas cost 100 dollars or less @ soccer.com??

  69. sorry! cristiano but this brand of shoes is so terrible i think the brand you are wearing now is beautiful

  70. c.ronaldos new shoes is a wow its too cool

  71. man i recken ur boots are made dont leve man u with out u der shit i jus wish 2 c u in da future if u do wana move clubs move 2 melburne victori but beter stay in champions manutd which is you keep doing ur skill its fkn mad n get girl friend lots of thinks fkn sxc alright laters roony

  72. man ur fkn boots r mad all da things u need 2 do now r is make ur hair muzza win da champions league n get a fkn chick dey the think ur sexy

  73. hi i live in german but i come from turkey c.ronaldo is my favorite football player and i say cristiano ronaldo dos santo aviro is the best fotboal-player of this world

  74. ronaldo here is my eddy please .. cr7_styler@hotmail.de

  75. โรนัลโด้ขี่แอ๊กว่ะ

  76. can anyone tell me how much money are this shoes??

  77. I like Cristiano Ronaldo…
    He is a good player and her shoes is fantastics

  78. hey cristiano, you are the best football player in the world, you are my favourit player, and your shoes is fantastic.
    i play football and are very good and i am the best i my town.
    i hope i see you a time.
    bye bye…

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  80. c. ronaldo u are the best and no other perfestinal player can compare the way how you run
    your skills and the free kicks you score are brilliant at your shoes are fantastic can you tell me how much they are thank you but first off all

    keep up the good work your doing great but its a shame that you want to go and play for r madrid
    manu will be chuffed just to see you walk out on them
    dont let them down and dont let me down aswell

    good by

  81. hi mr ronaldo 🙂 i love u so much youre the best fotball player in the world dont leave man utd they need u they win beacuse u!!!!!! you are my favorite player and youre are the greatest i hope i can meet you i live i sweden i will se every macth you play in portugal europe cup and sweden ofcurse ;D:) ❤

    Bye Bye In swedish “hejdå” :):):)

  82. mto loka a mercurial dele

  83. EVERYONE get off his dick, holy fuck. I swear i saw a comment saying they own every shoe he has, like holy fuck. He does not know who you are! Stop acting like you love him. And he is not EVEN close to being the best in the world not even close. So everyone hop off his dick. Your all pathetic

  84. and oh ya this is obivously not his website he doesnt come read your little comments so… stop wasting your time

  85. cristiano you are the best i hope one day i can meet you i am your biggest fan take care

  86. I got a pair of Nike Aix Max only $68
    at http://NikeSky.net

  87. Cristiano ronaldo u are the best i wish i can meet u one day that will be the best thing of my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  88. Cristiano Ronaldo u have been my favourite player since u started playing i wish i can visit u that will be the greatest thing of my life i only wish i can become like u or even playing in a professional league

  89. God cristiano i wish i could just meet u atlease and become a pro like u and play for my favourite team PORTUGAL with u

  90. well im not from England or Portugal, mexican.
    i wacth euro 2008 and u play really good .
    i like the goal u made against czech repulic.
    it was awsome

  91. Ronaldo dont going from mufc

  92. hi cris im iranian i realy i love u and i Sulky with u Because u cant Reverse german and one good News i Advocate porteghal i….. i…. noting can u call me i know u cant but my number mobill is 0097-09358459014
    by the way i always i love uuuu bye :-*:-*

  93. I love cristiano ronaldo, he is my life, my on…

  94. Aaron u can shut your fucking gob yes ronaldo is the bst player in the world and we do love him if i new where u live i would come down there and knock the shit throu u dont tell me and all the supporters to get of his back because if you do i will hunt u doun and kick your ass ok,OK!


  96. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best ever and so he allways will be thats something I am damn sure at. I love you C. Ronaldo

  97. http://4TCG.com

    all nike shoes from $69
    Nike Air Max 90,
    Nike Air Max 180
    Nike Air Max black/white

  98. bancas

  99. ronaldo ur cool plzzzzz dont eva leave united ur 2 good 4 real cool hairstyle man

  100. c.ronaldo plzzzzzz dnt eva leave united ur 2 good 4 real madrid o ye cool hairstyle ur mullet is animal

  101. You Should move to real madrid or chelsea you would be undefeatable if you move to one these 2 teams but i say chelsea you would rock man, man united isnt that good any more . I love your Shoes.

  102. messi is better than you

  103. you are the best player to football in the world

  104. Cris sir alex learn u on everythin dont leave Man utd please u are my idle and i do it 4 u man

  105. cristiano ronaldo, numero siete a partir de cielo<3<3

  106. cristiano ronaldo you are the best. do you want to go to real madrid?

  107. you’ll be better off with man utd than real madrid, i dont want to see u ending up like ronaldo,r.carlos or figo. be wise and think twice before doing something stupid.

  108. hello you are the best. you most not go to madrid you are the bedst from man.u and por.

  109. Cristiano Ronaldo… you’re the best player in the world .. nobody is better then you .. but you shouldn’t move to real madrid cause Man Utd is the best team for you and in the world.. i buy all your shoes and copy all your style cause you’re the best.. but please don’t leave Man Utd . . . NOBODY IS AND WILL BE BETTER THEN YOU !!

  110. hej ronaldo your best player…your ma homme

  111. cristiano you are my idol, imma be jus tlike you wen i grow up and get in the pros

  112. you are the best in the world you are my hero
    LAST YEAR I HAD Your red mercurial vapors now i have
    your green ones they are so quick on my feet i dont no what the world would do with out you i got your man united long sleve t-shirt for my birthday and 1 more thing you rock like hell.

  113. you are the best in the world you are my hero
    LAST YEAR I HAD Your red mercurial vapors now i have
    your green ones they are so quick on my feet i dont no what the world would do with out you i got your man united long sleve t-shirt for my birthday and 1 more thing you rock like hell. from aus

  114. Hello the star felicitation for your golden ball and for quite your others re-compensate, kept silent merite widely. It is you most hardly, to nobody who say the opposite are jealous persons, king of the football c you I am your biggest fan, jai make all your hairstyle, I get dressed as you, I try to have the meme maniere that you, there is a single thing or I arive pa in etre as you the talent on a soccer field.You are my Idol, I have envi of you ressembler.quand I returns in the country I pass .Quand has your store ” CR7 ” I make of body-building I pennies has you parce – that have you the perfect body. For me, c simple are you the best player of the world, continuous has we to gater. I sui your parcour every day which passes, I let person speak ill of toi.you merite the respect. My dream it is to meet you continuous must to be the best! It is signed your biggest fan

  115. Im your fans from indonesia… I hope next year you will be the best again ! with the MANCHESTER UNITED 1

  116. you r the best soccer player ever

  117. you r the best soccer player ever in the world but God is better than u u have to admit that

  118. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. kkkk

  120. That want you jealous person? Shouts it is the best try not to ailleur jester suck my cock!fuck you

  121. cristiano my dream is to play soccer just like you and see you face to face and get a aoutograph from you love you thanks bye

  122. what the fuck


  124. Cristiano, just leave Man utd.
    Ferguson has been treating you like a slave and F!@k Utd

  125. Ronaldo are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ilu so f much!

  126. Please do not go to real madrid i just droght your jersy for 100 $ because of you i dont want to buy a real madrid jersey to so please do not go.You are better then messi

  127. you are the best footballer ever and your shoes are very good i want a pair just like them i hope sometime in the future i can meet you i will love your skills until i die and i will get a pair of them shoes

  128. i love your boots

  129. Like omg your the best i really love the way you play but i like you too=D

  130. cristiano ur the best man dnt leave man u 4 some weird team that likes u just stay with the team that ur welcomed with the most!!!! DNT LEAVE CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!!!!

  131. i want to find the mercurial carbon sl were can i find it ?? please send me a message …king_limanaki@hotmail.com

  132. are you gay

  133. kiss my es

  134. come back to united


  136. chou tale3 7elou be boot

  137. Hello, Cristiano let me start by saying that you are awesome. I am proud of you. I am Portuguese and I follow your career you are the bomb baby. Keep doing what you love. My daughter is 10 years old she is an awesome winger. She has learned a lot from you . I have faith in you and look forward to seeing my Portugal kicking ass in the world cup 2010. So do what you do. Sincerely Cali girl

  138. you are crezi c.ronaldo

  139. cristiano you are the best.I love your boots so much

  140. lots of comments
    ronaldo rocks!!!!!
    since i was 8 i was tryoing to do tricks like him almost there (i am 12)

  141. ronaldo I can do all your skiils and tricks

  142. I love your boots, I have a pair

  143. Hi,C.Ronaldo my name’s Eros and I live on the island of Crete, Greece. I love ur style a lot and i hope one day to become as good as u are. I am playing into the academy of football called A.O.T
    of Timbaki which is the nearest city.

  144. I have the Mercurial Vapor Superfly Orion Blue and there are very good

  145. hellow..
    i love kaka very much and i think that u can be the best if u work together…keep up the good work!

  146. hi…
    i am a big big big big big fan
    i am fan #1
    u are the best
    i like your shoes so much
    i wish i can talk to u some day
    this is my dream

  147. ex u meileuleur jugedor du mundu

  148. you ar de best player of de world

  149. Cristiano Ronaldo main frends ))))

  150. Cristi the best player)))

  151. pink shoe lasis and golud nike and green all the rest green


  153. hiya christano its selena gomez here lol i have your football boots please write back your cute fan selena gomez 🙂 🙂 😉

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  155. good nic

  156. bravvvvvvvvvvvvvvvoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  157. i like all youre shoes very nice i have all of them i just need to get youre black one pleze call me at 13235191956

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    Sl | Cristiano ronaldo tell all <Loved it!

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