Cristiano + Bale Relationship !

November 25, 2014

Bale: “Ronaldo’s helping me become a better player”

Gareth Bale gave an in-depth interview to the British newspaper The Telegraph and gave the lowdown on his first year in Spain. According to the player, the best thing about playing for Real Madrid is the opportunity to fight for all of the titles and share a dressing room with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Learning off the best player in the world is just incredible. He’s helping me become a better player. He’s been amazing since I’ve been there”, remarks the Welshman.

Bale assures that Ronaldo’s advice goes beyond the football pitch, including “where to find a house in Madrid”. He also assures that he is doing his best to get up to the same level as the Portuguese star.

The former Tottenham player explained why he left England: “If it wasn’t Real Madrid, it would have been very, very difficult to ever leave. I wanted to test myself. Winning the Champions League shows exactly why I wanted to make the move. I watch [the goal against Atl├ętico] back now and I just think how much my knee must have been killing me because I slid so far celebrating”, he says laughing. He is also thrilled with the Spanish weather: “It’s much warmer, which I love. Pre-season training in the summer is insane as it’s so hot. You sweat just standing there.”

source: http://www.marca.com

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