cr7 to become cr9 ??

February 5, 2009

Last night, we were just chugging along, watching the Lakers game when we saw on the crawl that reports were Cristiano Ronaldo was headed to Real Madrid. Now, that’s nothing new or shockingwe’d been hearing about the move for the past few days. But the fact that it’s actually out of the blogosphere and onto the crawl at ESPN (and at the tail end of Pardon The Interruption) made us wonder: is this really going to happen?

For those who have blocked out any talk of the transfer (either because you’re a Man U fan or just sick of the talk), Ronaldo has supposedly given a verbal agreement to a 115 million transfer to Real Madrid, his mamma’s favorite team. Then the conspiracy theorist in us really got into it when we found out that Cristiano’s people have trademarked “CR9” to go along with “CR7.” Why? Well, because Real team captain Raul is already number 7. Cue up the X-Files music.CR9 was registered by his agent Jorge Mendes at the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon. Ronaldo already has CR7… Spanish giants Real Madrid poised to make a world record 70million summer swoop for the winger were last night said to have promised him their No9 shirt. Real are said to be ready to pay him 220,000 a week more than twice his wage at Old Trafford.

While we don’t hate the man for getting paid in this economy, we kind of think he’s a jerk for telling the world yesterday while picking up his World Player award from FIFA that he’s going to try to win multiple championships with the Red Devils. Dude, it’s obvious you used this year as a buffer to say “Hey, I could’ve left last year” to Man U fans to try to keep on selling them shirts after you’ve gone. We say that he really shouldn’t wait for the Summer and use the transfer window to get out now. It’s only fair to everyone involved, especially the kids. Ron’s Real link as he trademarks ‘CR9’ [Sun UK] Image [Sun UK]


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