This blog goes on a brake ♥

January 6, 2008
Its me Martin! I  want to  announce that i go to army sothe blog will take a brake!
Take care and enjoy, add comments also 🙂


  1. He is so beautiful i love him well not me my sister

  2. everybody should know that manchester united sucks soo mutchh !!! , Ronaldo is soo hoott he shouldent play in manchester he loks hoter in portogal clothes 😀

  3. omggggggggggggggggg bronaldo is so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love him 2 bitzzz can’t get enough!!!! his goals are amazinnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! ill marry him

  4. omggggggggggg u cant say dat he looks gd in red mate
    he is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he suits red he was born 2 play for man u so put it their!!!!! 🙂

  5. hey ronaldo is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    um sooo sexyy x


  7. hi cris im iranian i realy i love u and i Sulky with u Because u cant Reverse german and one good News i Advocate porteghal i….. i…. noting can u call me i know u cant but my number mobill is 0097-09358459014
    by the way i always i love uuuu bye :-*:-*

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