Opinions on my blog // comment

November 24, 2007


Hello there its me Martin the owner of this blog.

I was just thinking about the way people see my blog and if they would like to comment on the articles been posted and shown to the world, Its also interesting to know where about the world are you writing the comment. SO please your opinion is really important, I would appreciate this.

I am really happy writing/finding these stories fr you who is a great fan of cristiano ronaldo, so i make it easy for the fans to find all the newest info and videos on Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Comment and tell me your opinion !

// I have an idea which i can start using soon,that the ones who know some new info can inform me and send me mail to: martin.gembege@gmail.com and then i can post their stories on my blog and so we will get more opinions and stories 😀
SO just send me a story about CR and then if the story is great and new news i will post itfor you, and you can always add a photo if you want :DD

Take care everybody ! Follow the news



  1. Hi, i like your site, but you dont *renew* it so often,

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. hola!
    you look better than cristiano ronaldo!
    really really hot 😉

  4. wonderful,its nice would u mail me new cr7 photos

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