new photos :D

November 13, 2007



  1. angelina jolie is not maried to brad pitt.

  2. u have a face worth more than billions


  4. tung ju pershendes shum

  5. tungi ju pershendes edhe nuk po e di kuna po ja shkruj ket leter po nese ronados te pershendes shum

  6. haha fkiin fiittiiee ,, andd he playss forr myy hometown MANCHESTAA MAYT33! ❤

  7. edhe une i pershendes krejt edhe c ronaldon :P:P

  8. hey you re so so so pritty and very famous I just say hi from macedonia

  9. met mLm mas cRistian??? gmn sih prkmbngan M.U skrang ??? knp sih ahir2 ini M.U sprti kurang BBm, sprti kmaren seri mlwan Fc PoRto??? pDhaL DioLdtraford sndri…!!!! tLong mntA tanggPan mas cRistian sndri…/// ini pesan dR fans beRat dari indonesia-medan…yg pnya nama ne: “mE2d”…

  10. oh ronaldo ..
    I love you …

    I want to meet you .

    from child angel

  11. I;m in love in ronaldo he is so sweety person I like him veru much hmmmm RONALDO I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH…

  12. I’m in love in Ronaldo he is so sweety person hmmm he is so damn sweety I LOVE YOU RONALDO…..(L)(L)(L)

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