How hard on top cr7

September 15, 2007


Ronaldo: ‘It’s tough at top’

MILLIONS of women want to bed him – and millions of fellas would love to be him.But Manchester United’s hunky winger Cristiano Ronaldo reckons it’s not all fun and games being a Premiership footballer.

The 22-year-old hunk – who earns £135,000 a week – claims it’s tough at the top and can sometimes be a lonely place.

He said: “Many people have images of footballers as people who like to go out all the time, spend their money lavishly and to date many women.

“It’s hard to escape this idea but dealing with the pressures of being a famous footballer and the publicity it attracts can be very difficult.

“Footballer’s lifestyles are always under scrutiny but the image and publicity about wealth, glitz and good times often fail to tell the true story.

“Sometimes it is a very lonely world and we don’t feel safe in any place.

“Yet our status and our salaries mean we rarely win the public’s sympathy.”

Cristiano’s off-pitch exploits – including an alleged romp with five escort girls earlier this month – are infamous.

He’s been linked to telly babe Gemma Atkinson and Bollywood star Bipasha Basu to name a few.

Although his dream woman, Angelina Jolie, is married to Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt, Cristiano claims he’s too busy for women anyway.

In the interview with Hello! magazine, he went on: “I come under intense media scrutiny so I am very private about the girls I date.

“I am a gentleman, and I do not want them to experience the media pressure, which I have learned to ignore.

“For me, a girl does not need to be famous for me to like her.

“I do have my romantic moments but I am sensible. It is company that is important for me.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hello!
Star-studded … interview in this week’s Hello!

“I would like to marry, maybe in my thirties, but I have not met the right girl yet.

“For me, it is what is inside a beautiful woman that is important, although she must also be beautiful, like Angelina Jolie.

“I appreciate funny, kind, friendly women with good conversation and laughing is one of my favourite pastimes, although the time is not right for me to have a relationship.

“Football is my life. That is my focus.”

With his reported £40m fortune Cristiano can afford to splash out on the finer things in life.

Recent treats have included as a Bentley GT convertible, several pieces of diamond jewellery and even a mansion in Lisbon.

But the soccer star admits there’s one thing he’d love that money can’t buy – kids.

Cristiano says: “Every year at Christmas I dress up as Santa Claus, in full costume – it is a family tradition – and bring the gifts to the children,” he said.

“When I am with the children in the family I get broody.”

Cristiano was a 12-year-old child himself when he left Madeira determined to make it big in the world of football.

And although he sometimes misses home, he also loves life in the UK.

He added: “The best thing about Britain is the people – they are fair.

“When you do well, they say so. When not so well, they say so.

“I feel privileged the British people have taken me to their hearts.”



  1. cr7, sometimes we fall so that we can learn from that fall what it is we need to change and change is good. do not forget that in life we are constantly changing because the world is constantly changing. In your circumstance the changes you have made perhaps have made you even a better player. Also when we are on top it is good to be humbled so that we do no forget where and who we are. Your one of a kind, you know your strenghts and now your weaknesses like us all for you I wish only the best for you to grow to your potential one you have just begun. praying for you always, a big, big fan, sandra

  2. Even though ronaldo has done wrong with the recent news in papers. It does seem he is a fair gentlemen with a good heart. I think it’s good that someone good looking isn’t so over confident, and isn’t someone he’s not. Whoever you marry I’ll be happy for you. Big United fan!

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