Book of cristiano ronaldo

June 29, 2007


Text translated straight from portuguese, enjoy 😀  

“Moments” are the heading of the book of Cristiano Ronaldo, that will be presented in next day 7, in Hotel D. Peter, in Lisbon, in exclusive for the agencies of the Social Communication.

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The book, produced for the publishing company Ideias & Rumos, of Peter Paradela de Abreu, was written by journalist Manuela Brandão and is illustrated with photographs of the fotojornalista Jorge Hunter (both of the Gestifute Media). The preface was written by Bobby Charlton, emblematic figure of the Manchester United and also of the world-wide soccer. The workmanship, of 176 pages, is not a biography, before intends to give to know some histories already lived by the star of the Manchester United, by the way the example of that the heading of the book suggests. “Moments” will be in boards of all the country the half one of the next week and the English version will be launched this Summer, in date to announce future. The Gestifute Media today initiates the daily pay-publication of the book, disclosing, daily, excerpts of the content of the workmanship, that will be for sale in the next week. Today we presented some trade bills of the first chapter of the book. “Timor, 2005 The airplane had finished to touch the ground of the track of the Airport of Comoro, in Díli. I observed for the window and what vi left me boquiaberto. A small multitude waited, patiently, my arrival, with photographic machines or chambers to film in a hand and pieces of blank paper or posters of welcome in the other. It was impressive, but nothing that if compared with what it waited me in the remaining portion of the day that I passed in the capital of Timor-East. The streets had been fulled of a people sea. All to see me, to wave to me, to get a smile, a greeting, a word, an autograph, a photograph mine. I was touched myself. I was impressed with the interest of all that people for me [… ]

[… ] We were for the stadium. I witnessed something as never it had imagined: more than 20 a thousand people to my wait, to cry out for me. I felt a great emotion and, at the same time, a little of distrust. But Xanana Gusmão was not to lie: it escorted me, it dressed it proper the security skin and opened way I to pass, strengtheing itself for convincing the timorenses to move away I to enter in the enclosure. The policies, infected for the multitude, took off photographs… It was difficult, but we obtain to go up until the a tribune of the stadium. A true delirium. Xanana Gusmão was the first one to direct it the multitude. It asked for calm and it alerted for the perigos of a tragedy if the multitude did not contain itself, in an attempt of serenar the euphoria. When my time of speaking arrived, was thankful, of the deep one of the heart, the state honors that had received, the affection, the support, the love that felt during that memorable day.

[… ] my teacher of the fifth year also would have been surprised if it had attended that episode. E today I cannot leave to smile when I remember the concern of it always that it saw me to arrive at the lesson – some times behind… – with the ball in the hand. “Ronaldo, wide the ball”, said one and another time. “the ball does not go you to give to eat. You do not lack to the lessons, because the school is that it is important for you and not it ball, that does not go to give you nothing in the life “. It was to enter in the airplane in Dili and I remembered these its words. The life is one petty cash of surprises. In the height it heard and it did not bind. But today I perceive it. E, although it still to continue to say to my mother and my aunt who never more goes to make this type of commentary with no pupil, I find that it made well and that must keep its pedagogia. It played its role of professor and was a good advice, because it is never known at some future date. I it is that I never gave heard to it.” […



  1. weno ——weno—–weeeeeeno

  2. ronaldo is the world best football player !!!!!!!!

  3. ciaoooooooo…….
    volevo dirti anche se sembra scontato che sei veramente bellooooooooo……..

  4. ang galing mo talagang maglaro… sana magkaroon kami ng manglalaro na katulad mo para sa aming bansa… and galing mo talaga… iniidolo ka ng marami kahit dit sa amin ay maraming humirang sayo bilang isa sa mga pinakamagaling na manglalaro sa buong mundo. at yun ang dapat mong pasalamatan kasi napakaswerte mo at napakasipag para makamtan ang iyong hangarin… maging mabuting modelo ka sana sa mga kabataan at sa lahat para sa kinabukasan ng ating mundo at ng susuniod na generation…
    maraming nagmamahal sayo kahit hindi mo hingiin yun…
    keet it up yanyan!!!!

  5. ronaldo kicks butt!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooooooooo freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you ronaldo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hi Cristiano i love you so much i wich to be like you

    a big player i love you Cristiano Ronaldo i love the

    way how you play in the game also i play football

    good i’m 16 years old & i wich to play with

    Manchester United i love Manchester so much & i love

    football every day i play fooball with my big friends

    beacause i like to be like Cristiano Ronaldo i wich i

    will play with Manchester United Bye

    my name is Mohammad Weizani i’m from Lebanon live in

    Saida ( good luck Manchester United )

  7. Omg i love u so MUCHHHHH!!!! my room is like full of ur pics and posters!! ur so hot and sexy all my friends think ur so hot and spicy i have billions of pics of u!!!!

    k i wish 1 day we can mEEt11
    bye S

  8. HEYY!!:P Ronaldo ur so hot!! seriously ur like fire!! i love u so much!! im ur biggest fan on earth i no evrything bout u well almost everythin:P

    k anywayz iv always wanted to meet u and i will never give up till i meet u 1 day!!

    k Bye 🙂

  9. I LOVE YOU RONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    lolico blog

  11. cristiano ronaldo is the best i love you -amote

  12. what up yo i love soccer too its just im only a goalie and i would like to know if there are any books on you i would just like to know the titles of them thanks man.



  14. can you send me your photo…pleasse…

  15. One day I will meet you. I feel we are meant to be. Truly. This day will come i hope, :)for your sake as well as mine. x

  16. Cristiano Ronaldo

    A name that sizzles fire in hearth, robs the heart of girls and me one of the most interested fan of him.

    This man is 100% and can create magic with his caliber.
    Good luck to him

    May i meet him sum day

  17. I’m sorry I tried to enjoy the text ….but it’s a very bad traslation..guesse I have to buy the book to get a good sense of what it is about. But he is a great person….

  18. ronaldo is the best………
    i love ronaldo ………

  19. ronaldo i love u so much that i want to be with u all the time!i want to be your wife!u r the only thing i want in my life love u

  20. cristiano è favoloso!!!! lo adoroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. My name is Kreshnik Hebibasi im from Albania.I live in Usa in Florida Clearwater…I love Mnchester United is the best soccer team evr 4 me….i hope and the seson 09/10..this guys can go well and in europe….and Ronaldo DONT LEAVE here is ur HOME..

  22. Ronaldo you mean every thing 4 this team and for the funs so u beter think your steps..Is easy to leave Manchester United but 2 hard to come back agian like a Idol…

  23. eaki a crstiano ronaldo el megor jugador del mundo y de wapera lo mismo y como sale en la fot no vea como esta ese xico esta para cmerselo a beso y toda akella ke dija lo contrario ke sepa ke mas kisiera ella comerle la boca a este bonbon de chocolate.Y lo xico no tiene invidia de ke el el 90% de la xica le guste cristiano y lo bea ya no el crak del futbol si no el crak de wapera y cañon.A kes sepa crsitiano ke soy tu fan numero 1 tee segido siempre i siemprelo are me esncanta ese toke de balon ke tiene y ke ere el unicon pese a tu eda ke tiene tanto titulo gaqnado.

  24. Hi Cristiano. I really don’t know for sure if you’ll ever get this comment, or have an oppurtunity to read it, but I just wanted to let you know, you inspire me so much. Everytime I watch you play it only makes me want to reach and chase my dreams more and more. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but you are truly a hero to me. Your accomplishments are just amazing in the world of soccer (futbol), and I thank you so very much for being a great person to go along with it. Maybe one day we will meet, hope you have an awesome day. Thanks again.

    Brianna Flynn

  25. u r vgood i like u vmuch .i want to meet u one time

    in my life
    $by payal

  26. Ronaldo your soo hot i love you soo much your amazin youve got a sexy butt haha ,,
    love you lots jessy

  27. c.ronaldo is my best player.It’s great pleasure to watch him playing football.I’d like to buy his book,but i can’t afford to buy.

  28. every one has dream and my dream it’s you

  29. umm…wt can i say???let me think …hey i dun want 2 be like all these girls who thinks so cheaply abt the playerss….i mean how can they itz jzt seemz 2 be very very stupid……but i lov sum 1 which i will tell only to him (kiki) thiz iz his nick………wish u all girls 2 meet cristisno ronsldo ;)haha n 2 be his gf or wife or anything u want…………..

  30. hottest football player 😉

  31. you are the best football player of the world!!!!you are my favorite football player!!!!!!!!!

  32. I dream play football like you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ilove so much ronaldo

  34. hi cristiano r9 i am from albania i see you when you play football.you are bery best from dhe leo messi.buy taulant

  35. u r the best ronaldo
    I LUV U

  36. i love you cris .i am hamed and you loved-i love love love you-email2=www.c.ronaldo20007h@yahoo.com

  37. hi
    i love the way u play.we can all do it as
    a team.we just have to try i guess
    im doin my project on u
    because ur my hero or my fav person

  38. i hate barcelona

  39. fuck messi

  40. I hate trees and tumors i live with an orphan in a box

  41. i hate trees and ashy people

  42. i hate lizards that cant piss and suck dick

  43. i hate trucks they waste to much gas

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