Academy of Cristiano Ronaldo

June 15, 2007


In an operation of total secretismo, of form the one that the social communication did not mark presence, Rui Alves saw Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday to fulfill a promise to visit the Hut. The objectivo was to show the workmanships that are there to be built, particularly the space that will be called of Academy of Formation Cristiano Ronaldo Campus Club. Ronado saw, liked and praised. Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday visited the Complex of the National one in the Choupanha. It has been remembered that, recently, in General Assembleia, the “alvinegros” had approved that the two relvados synthetic ones that are to be constructed, destined to the formation, will receive the name from the madeirense player. Academy of Formation Cristiano Ronaldo Campus Club will be the assignment that, for besides having received the consent from the player, also had, on the part of exactly, a well-known manifestation of satisfaction for the fact. Of remaining portion, in this same height, was immediately agreed between Rui Alves and Cristiano Ronaldo of that when it was dislocated to the Wood, would visit the workmanships. Yesterday such was materialize, with Cristiano Ronaldo to arrive there at the Hut for 18h30 and if keeping about two hours. It saw everything and it liked the one that observed, exaltando that from the moment that everything will be built, the National one will be with magnificent conditions for its formation, contrariamente to that happened in its time of “alvinegro”. The symbolism of Ronado is raised to have visited the field where it actuou for the last time in the Wood, having in this day if sacred regional champion of infantile, whose space will be renewed, receiving its name. One was then in the end of time 1995/96, second of the player as nationalistic, after to have initiated its career in the Swallow. It was followed later the transference for the Sporting and the remaining portion is the known success of that already the best player of the World of the actualidade is considered. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo was come across with another great surprise: To it a picture with the nightgown with that was offered actuara in this shock – with number 10 -, that it are religiously kept for responsible of the young soccer. For beyond disso, Cristiano Ronaldo still received an equipped photograph its “alvinegro”, in that same nightgown envergava this. It is mentioned that the visit of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Hut elapsed under total secretismo, with the involved parts to actuar with great celeridade. Having, also, Rui dislocated Alves if directamente of the Airport, where it finishes to arrive proceeding from Belgrade, for the complex of its club. Of this form, the meeting elapsed far of the social communication, only having as witnesses familiar elements of the club and of the madeirense player, to who if it joined Fernão, its responsible godfather and of the transference of the Swallow for the Sporting. To the end of the day, Rui Alves acceded in commenting the visit of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Hut, explaining the reason of the social communication not to have been present. “our interest is only to value what we make and not to use to advantage em.vão the image that it transmits”, raised the leader of the National one. Of followed, it confessed that “Cristiano Ronaldo was satisfied for knowing that the soccer field where proper it played will have its name and that other young will go to have formation”, explaining that the consent of the player was natural and spontaneous. “the people are not insensitive to whom we are to construct in the Hut”, she justified. One adds that the photos that perpetuate the event had been removed of the official site of the National one and will be the only certifications of the ticket of Cristiano Ronaldo for the Hut. To finish, it is mentioned that Cristiano Ronaldo leaves today to the end of the morning of the Wood. The player of the Manchester United was four days in the Region, during which he fulfilled commitments, essentially, of carácter personal, mainly to the level of mark “CR7”. In more, he used to advantage all the available time to rest and to have some diversion with the friends, as of remaining portion he is one practical habitual one always that he visits its land native. Yesterday, for beyond the visit to the Hut, Cristiano Ronaldo was per the morning in the Store of the Citizen, materialize a writing and used to advantage the afternoon to play tennis, in a hoteleira unit of the madeirense capital. Cristiano Ronaldo now goes to fulfill the last vacation time, remembering itself that, before arriving at the Wood, the proper one had confessed not to have nothing still set appointments the small farm where such would happen.

source: http://cristianosantosronaldo.blogspot.com/



  1. hi ronaldo u r so sexy i love u so much

  2. Hello and thanks for giving out this great opportunity to send you this short message…Well i’m just trying to let you know that i’m a young football hide somewhere in africa and i will like to join any Football academy within your power and from there up i can be able to showcase my talent to world only if you can render the opportunity for me because i have no facilies to train in my local club here so if you can give me the chance and i wont let you down..i really in love with football, i eat football, i drink football, i speak football, i walk with football and i sleep with football , the passion of fotball is in my blood and i want to show this to world sooner than later………….ade.ismaila01@yahoo.com

  3. How can i come o ure academy…i play for hexley rangers U13’s and need some more skills like u!



    • frrgretgregtrtretretertrgftregtrgtrgrg


  6. hello ron u are one of my all time heros and i really whant to meet you one day. dillon

  7. hello ron u are one of my all time heros and i really whant to meet you one day.And get a fyew tuch ups on my skills like you.

  8. hello ron u are one of my all time heros and i really whant to meet you one day.And get a few tuch ups on my skills like you.

  9. am a young talented midfielder of 14 years of age.i’ll like tok join your football academy.i know i have all that it takes.help me in making my dream a reality.God bless

  10. Ron u are the best.

  11. Dear Ronaldo you are one of the best players ever and your awesome good luck may 27

  12. Hi Ronaldo i want to saw you my talent because i think i am good player and all day i see your tricks to do them well…..If you want to see me add me nasos_patrinos13@hotmail.com Also i want to be a player like you because i love you and your tricks.The country i leave is Greece in Patra

  13. Hello Sir/Madam,
    My name is Samed Wahab a boy of 16 years of age,dark in complexion and 5.0 feet tall.I live in Ghana,West Africa.
    I came across your email address in one of my google search.For a long time now,I have been trying to find a coach.I am fast and talented track footballer and i believe that i can reach my full potential with a goog mentor.Someone who has experience and can help me to use my talent in the most effective way.
    I am a Winga.My position in my team is 7.I play for under 14 in my team here in Ghana.
    I will be much happier if you can give me the opportunity to join your team.
    Thank You.
    Samed Wahab

  14. hey am samed wahab.age of 17 i want to be like c ronaldo,but how can i come there so you will teach me more skill.

  15. Hi my name is sylvester I’m 19 years old I play football here in south africa.I posses good strength and physic and have a very good right foot,fairly good pace and good in the air my favourite position is striker and all I want and need is a chance 2 prove myself in atrial at arsenal football club pease! -reply by Ridi Muteba

    • best player

  16. am a young talented midfielder of 16 years of age.i’ll like tok join your football academy.i know i have all that it takes.help me in making my dream a reality.God bless.from ghana.i love u ronaldo.

  17. hi this is one of your greatest fan in d world christiano i have been looking for a place wereby i would write to u directly but i cant its just today that i have found it dos santos aveiro the love that i hav for you cannot be estimated i love u more than myself i have never miss none of your games if you could remmember d game that you played against with barca in d champions league final it meet me very busy but i hav to leave d job and focus on d match ROnaldo after been named the best player inthe world i was so happy up to d extend of killing myself i lov u so much if i would have a chanch i will go to lisbon just to see u i will be so glad if am to see ma self in your academy because i know dat in one way or the order i will be a great player bye from cherno know as christiano ronaldo

  18. hi christiano its fr one of your fans who is currently in africa by the name cherno s know as christiano am a guy who love u so much iam re

    • Hi Ronaldo im a 13 yr. old boy who has a passion for soccer/football and id really like to grow up like u but unfortunately i will not but instead grow to be Sabri Jemli the worlds greatest soccer player of the year 2023. i saw you one day at a match. Real madrid vs. DC united i was one of the boys you hand shaked before the game. I recently play With Laural Black Hawks and soon U.S.
      C u soon when i play
      lookin foward to playin you!

  19. i am a boy who know how to play football well so i wish to join this team with all my heart,potential and skills

  20. hello i m from bosnia my name is almin i have 16 years ;i like football expecially cristano and manchester i must sey i have a lot of friends and they play very good with bool but i must sey obout me that i m like legendary beckham because i have a very (exellent passes ) and i have a killing shot . i don t play at eny club because i don t have a money to spendit on some treinings .good luck in madrid 🙂

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