Cristiano7 – cr7 moda clothes and opening ext.

June 14, 2007


Clear colors, where the black person and the white, pants of ganga and t-shirts with original reasons predominate, had been some of the proposals presented yesterday, in the swimming pools of the Fat Tip, in the parade organized for store CR7, of the sister of the madeirense player Cristiano Ronaldo. The ideia, explained Telma Aveiro, is to bring until the a Wood the style of the brother, being able its fans “to copy” craque of the soccer. It has one year with the store opened in the Funchal, the entrepreneur announced that it has the intention to expand the business, having already one projecto to open a store in Lisbon. For return of the 21 hours that one of who arrived at the swimming pools of the Fat Tip all spoke: Cristiano Ronaldo. Craque of the Manchester United and the National Selecção came to the Region to support the exclusive colecção of store CR7, the commercial space that one year has was opened by its sister, Telma Aveiro and that now it finishes to launch a line inspired by the style of the player. In the few words directed to the social communication, Cristiano Ronaldo related that its coming to the Wood served “to kill homesicknesses of the family” and to support this new projecto of the irmã.Apreciador of the fashion, the player still said that he likes “to follow its style” and that the important one “is the person to feel well with what dresses”. In the truth, the colecção yesterday presented by the sister, whom it needed the “support” of an English estilista to be materialize, “was inspired” in the style of the football player. Known for its accessories, more necessarily for its taste for jewels, the style of Cristiano Ronaldo influences thousand of young in all mundo.Foi to think about this fact that Telma Aveiro decided to advance with the colecção presented yesterday. For man and woman light proposals had paraded, proper for the hot station that if avizinha, being the black person and the white the predominantes.Apenas colors for guests, the parade counted on the special participation of well known faces of the world of the national fashion, between which, the actores Jose Fidalgo and Ricardo Pear tree and the models Orsi Feher and Cláudia Borges. How much to the animation, this was the position of the sister of the player, the Ronalda.Há artist one year inaugurated in the Funchal, the CR7 is gives to become enlarged itself in the national market. Telma Aveiro disclosed that it has the intention to open in Lisbon a space with the proposals of this mark. The place still is in study but the ideia already exists.

Ronaldo moda video: http://videos.sapo.pt/QndgOZjBysTo3LZge92O



  1. you are so good.

  2. you are my favuorite player in whole world

  3. u r the best player in premiership i must visit this cr7 in funchal n spend money!

  4. Does anybody know if it has a website that I can check out?

  5. i love u ronaldo!!!!!where can my dad buy your clothers from in manchester?
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx write back!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. RONALDO! i absolutely LOVE your style of playing:) you are AMAZING! and not to mention you are absolutely GORGEOUS and my favorite soccer player..i hope to one day go to manchester and watch you play and i also hope to one day to check out your store in funchal, that would be amazing:) well LOVE YOU and keep up your great futbol skills:)

  7. Ronaldo you are so talented ,in my life i havent seen anyone good a t futbol like you maybe expect for Maradona .Really sometimes do u eva notice how God has blessed your lives .Some footballers out there are jealous of ya coz u r too unique and u should thank God coz of that.I hope one day i might get a chance to see u live and play futbol. I love ya new design shop cr7 it is so fab ,anywere not much to say ,GOD BLESS YOU XXX

  8. Iam going to funchal on holiday and would like to know the address of your shop cr7.

  9. cristiano ronaldo é o jogador mais bonitodo mundo eo mais abilidoso sem duvida espero q ele ajude o menchester avoutar a ganhar.

  10. You ever notice how when Cristiano gets the ball in his posession it’s like a dance and he is in his own world? Nobody can stop him or even get close…It is really unbelievable! Thank God everyday that you have been blessed with this talent!!!

  11. i’m glad to hear abt his new establishment of boutique and afraid too that it may hamper his performance on the field. but i’m soooooooooooooooooooooooohappy for him. and hope to see his best performance on the field and hey! nice jacket

  12. […] Pronto-A-Vestir R Vale Ajuda Monumental Palace II-lj F 9000-116 FUNCHAL hier noch Fotos: Cristiano7 – cr7 moda clothes and opening ext. Cristiano ronaldo tell all Cmara Municipal do Funchal WireImage: Listings Viel Spass beim Stbern […]

  13. i think cristino ronaldo is the worlds bets player and i havent seen a player that drivels the ball that fast. not even ronaldinho can make those bycicles he does. u are so talented and hopefully u acomplish wat u want to.

  14. omg .. ronaldo .. u cnt put im into words but u can try right ? hes like the worlds best plyer, hes fit, and ghes like everfing a gal ever wanted .. cum on man .. u cnt get any betta den im .. xx .. lolz .. lmaoo and plus every1 loves im ear .. were all for im .. hehe .. also .. he might open is own hotel calld cr7 .. woow cum on man .. i wud soo go like der.. yeye us .. lmaoooo //

  15. ronaldo you are so sexy and I love you !!!!
    do you want sleep with me ????????

  16. i love cr
    he is my only dream in the world
    i want to meet him
    please help me !!i’m from mexico

  17. here ya a fatgay ya stupid lil freek F**K off and leave the premiership

  18. hi
    im going on holiday in the easter holidays and i wnt 2 go to cr7 where is it. Im going to portugal and im stayaing in funchal!!!

    please tell me asap

  19. hi
    i just posted the last comment and i accidenly wrote simz my name is actually kimberley hence KIMZ and im stayin near funchal!

  20. ayyy po mu bien cristiano est evrano ire a madeira especialmente a funchal me pasare x tu tienda k seguro k si es de tu gusto sera to mu bonitoooo weno xao tkmmmm

  21. hi c how ru im from afganestan ur my best best best best player arond the world i like u plesa chat to me

  22. ure the best player in the qorld i luv u i wish i lived with u

  23. simon ure gay wat the fuck ronaldo is the best dont diss him he is the best player in the world hu everu support they arer whack so respect

  24. soy mejor q ese hijo de puta

  25. I visited CR7 shop in Funchal, September 08
    I wouuld liked to have purchased a t shirt with CR7 on it, but only had small sizes!
    however I bought a baseball cap with CR7 on it.
    Served by a nice assistant, no relation to Cristiano
    I would kike to work for AIG

  26. your so fucking gorgeous and I’m sure u get this from everyone but it probably doesnt hurt to hear it again. Keep kicking ass sexy!
    p.s. Take your shirt off more whenever u can but espically at your game, its so damn hottttt!

  27. ronaldo you are so fucking gorgeous! Im sure u get this from everyone but it probably doesnt hurt to hear it again. Keep kicking ass perferably topless it so damn hot!!!
    P.s. I don’t know the situation with ur gf but we should really work something out. I great with secrets

  28. C.Ronaldo você é o meu jogador favorit.
    Chego sem Verão depois de Portugal e o meu deve permitir-se que o traum mais grande o jogue uma vez com você futebol.
    Eu estaria contente sobre um feedback muito. Atenciosamente Ronaldo

  29. C.Ronaldo você é o meu jogador favorit.
    Chego sem Verão depois de Portugal e o meu deve permitir-se que o traum mais grande o jogue uma vez com você futebol.
    Eu estaria contente sobre um feedback muito. Atenciosamente Ronaldo
    entschuldigung emailadresse prévio stimmd não

  30. i love cr he is my favoritew plazer becose he is butifol help mi to meat whit him i em from bosna and hercegovina republika srpska

  31. shum i bukur je ska komente ma shum per ty veq ma s je shum mahnites

  32. ola muito boa noite,depois de ver algumas peças da vossa colecçao que sao de bastante agrado fiquei com alguma pena,pois pareece-me que nao tinham muita qualidade,tb sabendo que algumas dessa peças sao feitas em portugal em algumas empresas texteis da zona de barcelos,tive a usadia de vos escrever para dizer,com alguma pena minha que uma ves que sou ademirador do cristiano embora nao sendo grande amante de futebol,gostaria que soubesses que sou formado na area textil com 20 anos de esperiençia e se por ventura podesse ajudar a subir a qualidade textil dos vossos produtos estou a vossa inteira disposiçao.melhores comprimentos carlos gonçalves.abraços fiquem bem e muito boa sorte para todos.

  33. I was there last year!!!!it`s a wonderful shop;)!!!!

  34. ohhh my god you are really star cristiano i love you soo soo much i ded for you cristiano i love i kiss you soo much ”TE DUA” , ”I LOVE YOU”

  35. Ronaldo siker beyler!!

  36. at home we have a kidney-shaped swimming pool that is well maintained, i love swimming on it all day long _

  37. cr7 i named my son aftr u coz i dig u so mch dude


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