ferguson: Cristiano is our star

June 6, 2007

Sir Alex Ferguson believes star winger Cristiano Ronaldo has become an even better player as a result of the bitter anger directed at him for his role in Wayne Rooney’s red card during the World Cup in Germany.Ronaldo was slated over the part he played in his Manchester United team-mate’s dismissal during last year’s quarter-final clash.

But the Portuguese star responded by walking away with all the accolades at end-of-season award ceremonies and Ferguson believes his recovery is fitting of previous United stars.

Ferguson told Manchester radio station Key 103: “I think good people respond to adversity very well – take Eric Cantona for instance, when he came back we won the double.

“When young Ronaldo comes back we win the league and he is the star of the season.

“They were burning effigies of David [Beckham] and what I said to Cristiano and Eric was exactly what I said to David at the time, ‘They’re going to boo you but that’s all’.”

Ferguson insists the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney – who have managed to clear the air – are major factors in his decision to review his thoughts of retirement.

The legendary boss continued: “There will be a time when I retire but when that is I have absolutely no idea.

“Young people help you and I’ve got some good young players at the club, and good personalities.

“Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are fun to watch in training with all their tricks and their double act, and I think that helps keep you young.”



  1. Ante todo espero que estes bien y q nunca te ocurra nada malo xq eres lo maximo,
    Eres lo mejor!
    Cristiano eres mi favorito y no solo eres mi favorito tambien eres el favorito d todas las venezolanas.. Te amamos..
    Espero sigas teniendo exito..

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