ronaldinho ronaldo

June 1, 2007


The Brazilian medium Ronaldinho, elect player of the year in 2006 for the international union of futebolistas (FIFPro), yesterday launched the voting for 2007 with torn compliments to the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. After depositing its vote in Barcelona, the Brazilian International, in risk to fail, for punishment, the two last days of Spanish Liga, were disclosed made an impression by the last time of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the great workers of the English heading conquered by the Manchester United.”O Cristiano Ronaldo are a great player. Very young, but with a game style that immense taste. For me, he is one of the players who have been in better form recently “, evaluated craque Brazilian, banish in the past Saturday, after having pointed golo that he assured one suffered to victory from the FC Barcelona on the Getafe, in the antepenultimate day of the championship espanhol.Ronaldinho detached that the prémio of the FIFPro is one of the most coveted for the players, since is voted between profession colleagues, esteem itself that the international union account currently with 57.500 filiados.Além of Cristiano Ronaldo, also the Kaká compatriots, that finishes of conquering Liga of the Champions the service of the AC Milan, and Daniel Alves, that collaborated in as the consecutive triumph of Seville in the Goblet Argentine UEFA.O Lionel Messi, partner of equips in the FC Barcelona, the dutch Ruud Van Nistelrooy, of the Real rival Madrid, the English Steven Gerrard, of the Liverpool, and the mafinense Didier Drogba, had also deserved the elogiosas words of Ronaldinho, in a species of anticipation of the list of main candidates to the 2007 trophy.



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  15. i love ronaldo he is sexy i wud shag him any day

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