cristiano wants nani

May 24, 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo recommended Nani to the Manchester United,

and has given the best information on the friend to trainer Alex Ferguson. Friends in the national Selecção, Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo have an excellent relation and the madeirense has made force so that the United obtains to contract Nani. This already assumed to the English press that dreams to be the new Cristiano Ronaldo. The leonine extremity is in the list of purchases of the Manchester United, but according to that the cm selected next to source of the SAD, he is all treating for the contract renewal up to 2013. On the movements of the Manchester United to take the player, the same source assured that it does not have knowledge of that if it is to pass. But to that the cm obtained to know, the negotiation of the new contract of Nani was hanging of the agreement on the rescission clause. The Sporting wants to fix it in the 30 million euros, while of the part of Nani the ideia is not to leave the 20 million in the end of this time, for the case to appear a proposal of a great European who is of the affability of Nani, as he happens with the Manchester United. The trainer Blessed Pablo waits with the expectation of that everything if decides, of form to be with the player for the new time. E is optimista: “It seems me that the Nani goes to renew for the Sporting”, said, after the game with the Belenenses. The renewal of Blessed Pablo, by the way, also depends on the guarantee on that the lions go to keep the spine of equip, of which is part, among others, Moutinho and Nani.


some of the words in portuguese(translated straight) 



  1. first of all, i think thats a good idea because cristiano ronaldo and Nani have almost the same football abilities and if the are put in the same team on the field, manchester united will be unspotable. i say that because am a man utd supporter and I know it!! thanks

  2. nani is shit

  3. nani u portugeese illigal immigrint u will never replace c.ronaldo kaka or any one i shaged your mum yesterday

  4. fuck u bob u prick he wud be a class player i fucked ur mom last nyt she a dirty slag

  5. FUK U n nani all d way

  6. cristiano fair play 2 ya m8 i rekon u 2 wilkl have d best partner ship in d word

  7. fuk u josh

  8. nani

  9. fuk off josh

  10. lewys a mole

  11. fuck u bob i fuck ur mom 2

  12. bobs a prick and he shaged lewy

  13. hey i hve watched nani’s first two games for man unitd in the barcleys premier league, and m not impresses loses the ball to much, head goes down, takes wild shots. i dont no what u are talkin about, like a c ronaldo he is shit fullstop. he does nothing good and is part of the reason for the two draws go back to last seasons line up. i am a man united fan to.

    nani = shit

  14. Nani is a descent player and a new player in for MAN U..for a starter he has done his part..comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo is questionable..CR7 is the man on the moon right now and it may take years like Nani to get to his spotlight and his skillz..Nani will be an affective player in Man U sooner or later but will never be as good as CR7 he is my idol and he is the man…..

  15. CR& is da man!!!

  16. CR7 is da man!!!

  17. i think they are
    both are brilliant and also they both get along together and they play fottie brillintently and we av got SO FAR BECAUSE OF THEM


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