cr about 2007 (translated from portuguese)

May 20, 2007


Cristiano Ronaldo confessed, today, in declaration to the TVI, that does not wait to make a so good time.

The Portuguese International of the Manchester United gained seven trophies individual, sagrou champion English, arrived at the stocking-ends of Liga of the Champions and tomorrow it disputes the end of the Goblet of England. “it did not think that it went to run so well thus, but I am very happy therefore. I obtained to aguentar many things and clearly that it rewards it is good, for gaining league and all the individual trophies. It is spectacular for me “, affirmed Cristiano Ronaldo. Nightgown 7 of “red devils” still discloses that “it is not blinded” in to be elect by the FIFA the Best Player of the World this time: “Not alive blinded therefore. The things happen of course. He is obvious that I have power hope to be this year, but senão will be, that it is for the next one.” E complemented: “Or if it will not be, have-of being one day. I always have always the ambition of being best and go to work for this, to gain trophies and what it is possible of individual headings.” Questioned on the meeting of tomorrow front to the Chelsea, referring to the Goblet of England it affirmed: “I wait that he is good espectáculo and that best the Manchester equips either. We go to make everything to obtain to gain the goblet.” “] Goes to be in a great stadium [ Wembley, new, with a shining atmosphere and when thus it is we have of disfrutar and amusing us”, it concluded.




  2. ronaldo u are d best, no matter what people says about u i still love u and i will not stop loving u……keep it up boy.

  3. Cristiano nobody plays futball lyk u bby,u r 1 of a kind n unique ind way u master d ball

  4. u r simply the best… keep like wot u r now… oh im portuguese!!!

  5. hey cristiano don,t listen to what the people say just keep on playing the football you rae playing .you made me to play football too so i say keep it up boy (love you)

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