Cristiano in vogue

February 28, 2007

Here are some great pictures of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy. Photo shoot for vogue.


Cristiano Ronaldo in Vogue

Cristiano in vogue

Cristiano in vogue

Cristiano in vogue



  1. my name is Abel Getachew this is to you tank you.

  2. yo, who is that girl beside u!! she better not be his girlfriend!! god he is so hot and that girl is so ugly!!!!!!!! in the 3rd pic she looks like a bone!! holy shit seriouly ronaldo if that is ur girl u can do much much much much much much betterrrrr!!
    k pce im outti

  3. some one answer my question is that really his girl?

  4. ok so that girl is NOT his girlfriend…shes jus a model that has no idea how to speak portuguese so they cant communicate…TRUST ME!! I NOE LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT CRISTIANO!!!!
    shes from toronto….really nice (i’ve met her)
    plus cristiano ronaldo had a fiancee (merche romero) but they broke it off…and hes now single again

  5. ronaldo ure so fit xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. man u r SEXY!!

  7. ghbvnb fghav h yvqhv sbnbva hagdjsdosam udysdsgs v gdsudsdj i knbmsbhdmas

  8. U are the best player in the world I Love u!!!


  10. i am yonas . let me say something about u. u are realy the one and the only player in the world keep it appppppppppp

  11. i know c.ronaldo its good plays of this year

  12. ndi umunyarwanda ndumufana wa man u nkunda cyane.c.ronaldo kubwajye sinzi nabandi iko babibona

  13. ronaldo is 1 of the best player in the world as every 1 knowes about him but he is more selfish thats the problem.

  14. im his fiancee … no im not really but i wish i was! I LOVE YOU RONALDO!! your the best football player and im your biggest fan! Your sooooooo HOT!

  15. Lovely pictures, he’s looking good and I don’t think the model is ugly at all! He’s such an amazing player, hopefully this season is just as wonderful as last with United.

  16. Omw. Ronaldo is sooooooo HOT!! He played so wel on Saturday. I was so proud. Ilove hm sooooo MUCH!!!!

  17. You are the next James Bond. Who is that girl at the photo shoot?Are you dating?

  18. hij is hot mooi en super goed in voetbal

    kusjess patty

  19. I love uh rony!!
    Uh r the best in the world n will always b ma lil babe xxxx

  20. Ronaldo is the most sexy footballist! he’s veryveryveryveryvery hott he want sex with him!mmm…

  21. hi i greating you i sapoting four man united & portugel i am somali man

  22. you send too greatin

  23. ronaldo is so fit and sexy love you xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Colirio para os olhos…
    As brasileiras agradeçem

  25. RONALDO i love uu if this gurl ur GF i will kill her trust me i wish uu fucked me twice a day and u loook so fucking hottt in a suit

  26. fuck me baby

  27. Lol, that’s Daria Werbowy, in the world of Vogue she’s probably way more famous than Ronaldo…

  28. Hi cris! I’m your fan. I like the way you play. I love you darling! Kisses. Bye honey. I want to meet you. Please send me a mail. Bye kisses .honey.from Paola

  29. tung si je aje mir

  30. i love ronaldo 4 ever n ever i think that he is so good looking n do u no what if i had 1 hour to spend with one celebrity i would spend it with roanldo as i would love to get to no him. could someone please tell him he is well love up in the north i would just love to meet him or just to see him in flesh n blood.
    he is the best football player in the world any one else are just rubbish if they are comparing them selfs with you.Please just let me have 1 chance just to meet u just 1 chance please i no that loads of people will proberly want to meet u but i love u like your my best friend lol:):)<3<3<3<3 i dont even serport manchester utd i suport newcastle utd the beat i the world not but will never change my mined about supporting them.Ronaldo please come to some of the schools in the north east and help use in our pe lessons n train use young people to like sports n i think this idear will work but come to some of the schools in the durham not primary schools but secondary schools please. this will show if you have a big heart <3.. love from Becka ronaldo love you 4 ever<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlol:);)

  31. hi brother
    i love you
    please write your number telephon in my I_mail

  32. salut je m’appelle jallil et je ss 1 grand fun de vous je vous souhaite tt le succeé dans votre cariére .

  33. salut bogos t’é tres bo et ça me suffit de t’encourager chake mutch .sara de alger

  34. omgggg ronaldo is like the fittest ever nd if he cud ever coe to liverpool phwoarr

  35. Daria is a gorgeous model, I’ve seen really nice shots with her..she is beautiful. This photoshot with Cristiano is for the new Vogue magazine in the US. Seems that mr Ronaldo is a gorgeous model as well? 😉 ❤

  36. hi c/rolando how are you i am fine at this time.but how was to you?please tell me.i am apperchet to you but i havent any address so please write me.

  37. I Dont Know what To Say Just I Know You Are My First And Last Love
    I Love You So Much And I Hope to See You Soon But You Are Very Far From Me

  38. I wanna lock you up in my closet,
    when no one’s around.
    I wanna put you’re hand in my pocket,
    because you’re allowed.
    I wanna drive you into the corner,
    and kiss you without a sound.
    I wanna stay this way forever,
    I’ll say it loud.
    And now you’re in, you can’t get out

  39. Cristiano Its My Phone Number call me please

  40. Dearcristiano Ronaldo
    i hope you are fine?am just checking in to say hello.and to tell you that you are just the best i ahve i had about the car crash and i was very worried thats why am writing .
    you you succeeded the car crash may be because i am, praying ,keepon with the good .well people have bee laughing at me, that im in love with someone i have never seen.
    i know if i should become a grace modele i will see you more goals this my phone number 2348032900171

  41. love ronaldooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you nalja love ronaldo …….. my add nalja-c.ronaldo.com

  42. who cares about him

  43. ahhahha 🙂

    I love the blog ! Keep going !


  44. hi c.ronaldo.iloveyoutoo

  45. I Love You Ronaldo ANd In My Heart<3<3.

  46. I wish i will one fine day see u in person, that day will be my happiest day.

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